Tifi is nowhere to be found

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Look there’s a goat at Choco Canyon sitting on top of a mountain.  Maybe he has seen Tiffi.  “Oh, I'm not coming down,” says the goat. “There is only disappointment and sticky feet waiting for me. I did see Tiffi running around. Or, was it a mop caught in a tornado?”

Roberta at the Wafer Workshop  tells Kimmy, “If only you could have seen this Candy Factory in its glory days. Every day was Divine. Do you like my new tie? Hopefully your sister doesn't get a hold of this one.”

Roberta tells Kimmy that Genie Jellybeanie was visiting but he had to leave.  He left a message for her saying that he would meet her at the Palm Sugar Oasis because he thinks he might have good news for her.

At last!  Genie Jellybeanie to the rescue here!

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