Where could she be?

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“Where could my sister be?”  Kimmy must continue her search to find her sister. 

Suddenly she realizes that she is now at Sugarshell Cove.  “What a ruckus you’ve caused!  Oh, wait, the girl who got us into this mess was blonde, “ said the Seahorse.  “The last little girl to go into the Candy Factor was trouble.  Hope you aren’t related.”

Oh my, what has Tiffi done?

When she reaches Gooey Glacier, she meets up with Chilly Tusks.  “The Soda levels aren’t rising.  Don’t listen to that crazy Frog the Soda Professor!”, says Chilly Tusks. “Don’t tell me to open my eyes. My iced candies aren’t melting!”

Kimmy was getting tired of rowing the boat.  She was so worried that Tiffi got herself into trouble.  She had no idea where her sister could be, but she had to continue searching for her.

Still no luck at finding her sister.  Let’s see what happens next.

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