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Although Tiffi has been sending messages-in-a-bottle to recount her adventures, suddenly her bottled messages do not come as usual.  Her sister, Kimmy, who is 10 years old,  has also been adopted by Mr. Toffee.  She has some similarities to Tiffi, except she has brown hair and has a red bow holding it in place. She has big hazel eyes, rosy cheeks, and a nose similar to Tiffi's. She wears a blue diamond dress with a white ribbon and white buttons along with blue shoes. Unlike Tiffi, her expressions are not exaggerated. Her diet is the same as Tiffi's (500 Swedish fish per day) and for the same reason (good for her joints). Moreover, she drinks 100 liters of soda a day because it keeps her on her toes.  If the player clicks on her, she'll say "Åh Läskeblask!", meaning "Oh soda!" in Swedish.  Her birthday was revealed to be November 12, on the official Candy Crush Soda Saga Facebook page.


Kimmy gets concerned when she stops getting Tiffi’s bottled message.  She thinks she knows where Tiffi has wondered off, so she  sets out in the soda world to find her.  She discovers what's out in the open world for her to discover.


Let’s see what happens when Kimmy meets up with Yeti here

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