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Once upon a time in the Candy Kingdom ...................

Would you like to learn more about the characters in the King games?  Check them out below!
1. Join Tiffi in her adventure through the Candy Kingdom HERE (Tiffi loves adventures so join her as she visits her friends in Candy Town)
2. What happened to Tiffi? HERE (Meet Kimmy as she tries to find out what happened to her sister Tiffi)
3. Once upon a time in the Cotton Candy Clouds……. HERE (See what happens when the Jelly Queen jellifies Mr. Yeti)
4. Tiffi is back!  HERE (Join Tiffi and her friends as they help the players with their new powers)
5. Red Rabbit, Red Rabbit what’s going on with you?  HERE (Find out why Red Rabbit is so sad)
6. Meet Tiffi!  HERE (Read the trivia for each of the Candy Crush characters)
7. Once upon a time in the little town known as the Dairy District …  HERE (Read what happens to Rancid in Farm Heroes Saga)
8. Let’s bring Yeti home! (Part one of a 2-part story)  HERE (Jenny frees her Uncle Yeti from Jelly Queen's green jelly and brings him home)
9. Today we get to see Yeti! (part two of a 2-part story)  HERE (Jenny plans a surprise picnic for Uncle Yeti)
10. What is that green stuff?  HERE (Tiffi and Jenny are Superheroes)
11. Say hello to Rachel HERE (Candy Crush Friends Saga gets a new character - uploaded 10/7/19)
12. Love at first site HERE (Rancid falls in love with Rachel Racoon - uploaded 10/7/19).
13. Let's have a fashion show! HERE (The Candy Crush Friends Saga characters have  fashion show - uploaded 10/15/19).
14. Once upon a time, and many years ago …… HERE (A very short story about Olivia and her dream careers - uploaded 10/22/19)
15. Thanksgiving 2019 with our friends!  HERE (All the Candy Crush main characters get together for Thanksgiving - uploaded 1/6/19)
16. A rumor is spreading in the community HERE  (Read how the characters surprise everyone on the community's first-year anniversary - uploaded 11/25/10)
17. T'was a week before Christmas HERE. (Tiffi takes it easy and spends the day with her father, sister and best friend - uploaded 12/4/19)
18. New Year's Eve 2019 with Tiffi and her friends HERE. (Tiffi makes plans with some of her friends to see the fireworks - uploaded 1/6/20202)

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