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Welcome!  Whether you just came here today for the first time, or you've been here for a bit, we would like to welcome you to our King Community.  I would like to give you a run down of some of the things that we have here in the community.

At any time, you can access this area here.  Now let’s learn more about each area of this community. 


In the Get Started area, you can find everything that you need to know about the community.  You can Meet the Community team, read the Community Guide where you can learn the house rules, how to earn stars and badges, how to get points, how to post a message in the community and how to view and update your profile.  This is just a bit of what is posted there so please check it out!

There is a sub-category also located in the Get Started area.

In the Who we are area, you can meet the current Superstars, game experts, the community team and meet the Kingsters behind the Kingdom’s Magic!  

In the Player Corner area, please feel free to introduce yourself here.  Check out our Member of the Month where the community managers together with the Superstars determine who should be chosen every month.  It is usually determined by the helpful content and positive karma that he/she has contributed in the Community.  The Give us your feedback is just that!  You will find various topics mentioned in this area.  Meet some of our Game Experts, and while you are there, you might want to add a message about your favorite King game.

In the Contest Area you can see all the King game contests.  Each game community run their own competitions where you have a chance to earn some gold bars.  So, click on your game to see if there are any current contests going on.  This is also where you can meet other game players who share the same interests as you.  But, we're not done yet!  You see, sometimes the community runs a contest across all games and you can find those contests in the General area. This is where all global competitions take place and everyone is welcome to compete. 

The Support area, is where you will find messages created by King Management.  This area is broken down into four sections. 

Accessing the Mobile area will offer you some solutions for issues that might happen on your Apple, Android or Windows Mobile devices.  The Computer area, will offer you possible solutions for issues that might happen on Windows 10, or playing through Facebook or through king.com.  The Kindle/Amazon area will offer some possible solutions for your game crashing or not connecting on your Kindle.  The General Issues area was written by management and here you will find several common issues such issues as purchases, progress, crashing or loading, etc.

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A guide to help you locate the different areas in the community!

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