Kimmy finds these green splotches

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Kimmy lives in Soda World.  She is 10 years old and both her and her sister Tiffi were adopted by Mr. Toffee when they were very young.  Tiffi remained in Candy Town, while Kimmy moved to Soda World.  The girls are very close and keep in touch quite often.  When Tiffi goes on an adventure in the Candy Kingdom or meets up with her very good friends, she always writes a message to let Kimmy know all about her adventures.

There was a bit of a scare at one point because Kimmy stopped getting Tiffi’s messages and was very concerned about it.  If you want to read the story about Kimmy searching for her sister, please click here.

Today is a new day in Soda World and is no different than any other day.  Or is it?  Kimmy eats a quick breakfast, cleans up the kitchen and thinks that maybe it might be a good idea to go for  a walk.  She steps outside and much to her surprise something is going on.   What could it be?


“Wow!  What’s going on?, “ she thinks to herself.   “What are those green splotches all over?”  She has no idea what it could be but decides to continue her morning walk. 


Kimmy sees more of those green splotches as she turns the corner and continues her walk.  What could it be?    She hopes to meet up with some of her friends to see if they know what this green jelly thing is.  Oh look, there is Mrs. Crabs.

“Hi, Mrs. Crabs,” says Kimmy.  “Have you seen any green jelly splotches today?”


“Oh, hi Kimmy,” Mrs. Crabs says.  “No, I haven’t.  What do they look like?”


Just as Kimmy describes it to her friend, she thinks she might know what it could be.


“Wow, I think I might have an idea,” Kimmy says.  “Have you ever heard the story about Jenny’s Uncle Yeti and how he got trapped in green jelly?  They live in Cotton Candy Clouds.  One day, Jelly Queen caught her uncle off guard and jellified him with her green jelly.  She’s not a very nice person.  How could she do that to Jenny’s uncle?”


With that, Kimmy says goodbye to her and continues on down the road.  Maybe one of her other friends has seen these green jelly splotches.  Let’s see who else Kimmy asks here.

If you arrived here, you might want to start with the beginning of the story

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