The Cotton Candy Castle has blotches too!

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As she continues her walk, she appears to be more and more curious about how they got there.  As she turns the corner she finds herself at Cotton Candy Castle.  Oh look, there is Genie Jellybeanie!  Kimmy gets very excited thinking that maybe he knows what these green splotches are.  Wait a second, what’s going on?  Those splotches are here too!  On his castle and on the ground! 


“Hi Genie Jellybeanie,” Kimmy says.  “How are you doing today?  I have a question to ask you, if you don’t mind.  As I was taking my morning walk today, I saw these green jelly splotches all over.  I never saw them before and now I see that they are on your castle and on the ground.  I am finding them all over Soda World.”


“I’m doing fine Kimmy,” Genie Jellybeanie says.  “It’s nice to see you again.  Now that I think about it when I woke up today and looked outside I did see the green splotches on the ground.  Now that I am outside, I can see that they are on the castle too.  I wonder if it’s Jelly Queen up to her tricks again but instead of staying in Cotton Candy Clouds, she is now causing havoc in Soda World.”


Kimmy has a big smile on her face because she realizes that he is coming to the same conclusion.


“Why would she want to come here?” questioned Kimmy.  Genie Jellybeanie has the answer for Kimmy here.

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