Halloween 2019!

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Even here in the Candy Kingdom, our characters love to trick or treat.  They put on their best costumes and they all go trick or treating!  Join us in our 2019 Halloween adventure.

Below are links filled with information on Halloween and our characters would like you to join them in their specific game fun areas.  We hope that you will participate and share in all 5 Candy Crush and a Bubble Witch 3 posts! 


Please join Yeti if you would like to learn the History of Halloween, Mischief Night, Jack-O-Lanterns, Trick or Treating and more.


Please join Tiffi in sharing your Favorite Halloween memory.  We would also love it if you found some trivia on the Halloween costumes over the decades.  Let’s talk about how things have changed from then until now.


Please join Jelly Queen for some Food Facts & Recipes sharing.

Please join Kimmy for some Halloween Poems, Riddles & Knock Knock Jokes.  We’d love your participation by adding some of your own.


Please join Tiffi in the Beginner’s Corner for a list of Halloween Movies & Songs.  Do you have a favorite Halloween movie or song?  Please share them with us.

Please join Stella to learn more about Pumpkin Carving.  Have you ever watched Halloween Wars on the Food Network?  Aren't those carved pumpkins realistic?


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