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Hello Community Crew! 

Ever wondered what it is like to be part of an amazing team of Superstars? What they do, what they see, what they know? How we work all together as a Team, both Community Managers and Superstars? What are the main perks or the worst parts?

Well, today is the day you can ask us anything! 

We, Superstars and CMs, will be happy to take time and answer all the questions you might have about life on the Community, whether it's from a sweet King office or from a comfy Superstars sofa. 

Our new Superstars programme, with a new Team will start soon and if you haven't yet, you can apply here
And if you don't know us yet, meet the Team here

We also would like to thank our super awesome Team of Superstars for their great contributions and precious help. 

Please join us for a big THANK YOU to @ElsaJoseph45 @firebombmarkus @JustPlaying @Chicken Slayer @Pummy Raj   @Lynette @alansmart
@Foley1362 and @Alessandro_S - You guys truly are super stars :star:

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  • firebombmarkusfirebombmarkus Posts: 13,105 Superstar
    Hi guys 🤗 I really feel all the love you are giving to us! You should know it's mutual 🥰

    @LizzyLemondrop As far as I know, you don't need any special knowledge. Of course, you need to know how the games function but I am sure a lot of players know that. As for communication with the developers, I am the first one who is not into it but I like to learn everything new. The most important skill is to be kind and willing to help, everything else you learn over time. 

    Keep asking 😉 
  • marscrushinitmarscrushinit Posts: 2,536 Legend
    Those are great questions @bearwithme 😁. I'm curious to know the answers too 😉

    Keep crushing it 🍭
  • Chicken_SlayerChicken_Slayer Posts: 13,019 Superstar
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    Thank you Superstars for all that you do <3
    Q: Is there a certain amount of knowledge needed in order to be a Superstar? Such as knowing inner game functions or being able to communicate with the game developers?

     To follow on from what @firebombmarkus says too. 
    We have a set certain of steps to follow. Someone posts for help, it can be game related or somethings not working. Usually we would ask a few questions and then offer some troubleshooting advice. If that doesn't work, we either try something else, or shout one of the CM for help. Basically because they sometimes can suggest things we haven't thought of, or because they work within the company have access to data and reports we don't. 
    If they cannot help then they would raise it with whichever game studio and check back with them for updates or fixes. So personally we don't generally communicate with the developers. That being said, sometimes we have been really lucky enough to be able to and you might see one or two of them posting occasionally here. I know some already have. 

    When new features appear in the game and the CMs are aware of them, they will often post and tell us what it is and how it works even if we don't play it, so we are aware. If we find a feature we haven't come across and they don't know as the studio have just released it, they will find out for us. Or if we need extra information...such as the hats in bubble witch, Mia found it out for me. 

    The knowledge we need is quite simple. Game knowledge of the games you are helping with is really helpful...but not essential. 
    For example. I often in the past helped out in soda and smaller games but I have never played them. That's where its useful to have a wide team of Superstars who have. If I don't know the answer, I will shout somebody that does. Unless of course its farm heroes in which case I am all over it lol.
    We have a wide range of links that we ( I especially) bookmark and save so we can find them quickly. (I have lots of folders in my bookmarks ;) ) When a new superstar joins us, we share our links so that they can find them easier because there are a lot of pages to look through. We can also ask one of the CM for the info as well and they will point us in the right direction. 
    You soon find that before long, you are able to give out things like troubleshooting information as they apply to all the games not just any specifically. So that part isn't so hard and of course if you are familiar with say, android, then yes it helps. But again, we have a lot of links to cover it :) 
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