What is that green stuff?

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Let’s start at the beginning.......

Once upon a time in the Dairy District there lived this raccoon named Rancid.  He was not a very nice raccoon because he loved to steal Mother Hen’s eggs and Amelia’s cropsies.

The problem that he experienced with all his stealing was that he never got away with it.  Amelia really loves her farming and loves to grow cropsies.  She always knew when her cropsies or eggs were missing that it was Rancid stealing them. 

One day Rancid contacted his really good friend Jelly Queen and he told her that he was done living in Dairy District.  He said that Amelia always spoiled his fun. 

He asks her that if she could use some help in Cotton Candy Clouds and he could jellify the characters.  Jelly Queen was so excited to hear from her good friend.


“Oh goody,” Jelly Queen said.   “I’ve ben relying on my two faithful servants, Cupcake Carl and Liquorice Larry to help me with the monklings and pufflers.  But ever since Jenny snuck up behind my back and unjellified her Uncle Yeti and took him home, I’ve had nothing but bad luck jellifying anyone.  I can’t wait to see you.”


With that they both said goodbye.  And now the story begins here.

Please feel free to read all my stories here.


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