🥇First positions in the Royal Championship? Share your screenshot and collect your badge!

What a streak!! Share your winning streak and earn your exclusive badge !!

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Hello Royal battlers!!

👯‍♂️The moment you get matched with a player who you've already played with;

🙌or when you get to see the board and it's your favorite one;

🤩and that move that makes the jelly spread everywhere;

✌️ seeing the red rabbit announcing your victory...

🔝 and of course, seeing your winning streak grow and grow and grow!!

So many exciting moments during Royal Championship!!

And here comes one special moment more: the one you're awarded with an Exclusive Forum Badge that proves how much of a champion you are:

All you have to do is post a screenshot below showing your winning streak, and if you've reached one of the milestones, you'll be granted that exclusive badge! 

Do you have what it takes? 



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