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Players leaving before VS Completes when they can clearly see they are gong to lose.

paul2019uk Posts: 3 Newbie
edited March 2021 in The Royal Championship

Hi All

Just a discussion but maybe an idea, I am sick of opponents who close their app/disconnect right as ya about to get a perfect VS match. I always play the match out no matter what, this means ya lose 2 points immediately which is very frustrating. I think if an opponent disconnects from the match you should be awarded the full 7 points by default or the match should be voided and your ticked returned to you. Just wondering what others thing on this??🤔


  • lilikoikisses
    lilikoikisses Posts: 1,046 Level 3
    edited December 2020

    Hi @paul2019uk and Welcome to the Community!

    This subject has come up a few times, but there are some issues with automatic incentives/punishments for players leaving a game. It is true that people do leave games due to frustrations, but it also happens when there is a connectivity issue, or if playing on a phone and receiving a call...

    When they leave they already automatically lose a point that would normally be given just for playing, so they are already being penalized to a degree.

    Even though it’s sad not to get a ‘perfect game’ score, I try to think of it as a bonus rather than getting annoyed at the person for giving up.

    I hope this helps!

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 25,178 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to our beautiful community

    Perhaps dear CM can answer it and my dear friend can also be a great player.

    @Lola_Pop @DieOmimi

  • user1015
    user1015 Posts: 38 Level 2
    edited January 2021

    Punishing a player is never a good idea.

    I was playing today and my opponent went first. In their first drop he got a stripe and a earned blocker. He put the blocker on the one candy that was shaded to fill the map.. I had absolutely no chance at that point and I didn’t even get a turn. So i left the game. Why the hell should I stay when I can’t even play?

    If your first move is to punish your opponent, go outside and play with your dog. The game is for fun and it’s not real life.

    In conclusion the problem is the blockers, get rid of them and make a bigger map. Make it interesting!

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,678 Level 5
    edited January 2021

    I agree with you! If you have no chance to play there is no reason waste your time, waiting for your opponent to make the "perfect score"!!

    As I understood you were playing Arena 14, where there is only 1 colored candy!

    Blocking your only opportunity to start, makes continue playing meaningless!

    I believe that blockers do a very bad job in the game and most players don't like them! As a proof is that at the time where we had all boosers/blockers available (in two groups), most players were choosing pink lollipop + striped/wrapped hammer.

    This was about last March or sth (maybe a bit earlier, February, I cannot remember exactly).

    A R.C. without blockers but only with boosters could be far far away better IMO.

  • samsimpson945
    samsimpson945 Posts: 6 Level 2

    Good morning! I don’t think punishment is a solution, I can understand why someone would end a game of its obvious it’s a loss.

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