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Royal championship ( I am a newbie here)

winner0427 Posts: 35 Level 2
edited March 2021 in The Royal Championship

Who does it take to get to level 5 so we can start playing? Also the game area when I click on a game it take me to the play store to download it when I am able to start playing the game well I have to download the game to be able to play it?and when I do reach level 5 will I be able to Royal championship? Cause I guess I can't play it until I reach level 5 right.

Thank you for your time and patience

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  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,672 Sweet Legend

    Hello and welcome to our friendly community

    What do you mean exactly? You can download the jelly game and don't need a title for it. Where are you playing? On the PC with Window 10 you can download it from the microstore. On the mobile device - search for the game and download it. You need to log in correctly and update and clear the cache. When you have played a level, the game will update itself automatically.

    I hope I could help you !!!


  • DeepshikhaSharan
    DeepshikhaSharan Posts: 2,676 Level 5

    You can play the Royal Championship without reaching Level 5 on the Community, it depends what level you are on the game.

    Can you share what level you are at in the game currently? Like the Game Board shows what level.

    Even if you have the New Bee rank on the community, Royal Championship will be accessible!

    You can share any other doubts here below!

    If you want to know more about King Community Ranks then go here(http://to.king.com/nD2z)

  • Lady_Sarina
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    G'Day @winner0427

    Well Done!! let me just say I am very proud of you for taking the leap into other areas of the Community!!

    I can now call you Housemate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome, good job.

    See you made me excited then lol

    Okay..now to the next bit. I see you received some really good suggestions from your fellow housemates!! Did you get to try any of them and how did you go with that?

    You can be specific and if you have screenshots to upload for us to see, that will give a clearer visual understanding and then we can be more specific in our assistance too!

    I love this contribution, remember to check out the other threads too. I'm going to wander around to chat with everyone and hope to see you there if it's of interest to you chickadee!!!

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