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Pre determined winner = no longer fun

Isn’t the point of any game to have fun?

Having an algorithm where the games winner is already determined before you start defeats the purpose of playing all together. Moderators of these forums have stated frequently that the algorithm is set for 50/50 win/ lose. This is not just my opinion.

it is so blatantly obvious which player is the “chosen” winner, even being the winner is not fun. There’s is no sense of achievement as you have been given the candies/ moves to win with - no skill involved.

having one player win on the first move - that’s not even a game, one player doesn’t even get an opportunity to have a turn.

A game should be fun, have a degree of skill involved. RC is neither of these.

I keep checking back in with each update to see if the game has gone back to actually being a game, but am sorely disappointed each and every time.

Why are the developers trying so hard to ruin this game?



  • Heidstar
    Heidstar Posts: 58 Level 2

    It’s so disappointing.

    This used to be a game, I don’t even know what to call it now.

    i can’t understand why the developers have turned what used to fun and exciting into a predictable, boring waste of time.

    im finding more and more players deliberately disconnecting as they know they aren’t going to win and don’t want to just sit around moving candies around for five minutes just to lose, we can both see the outcome and it’s quicker to start a new game by disconnecting than waiting to lose.

    why make a good thing boring ? What are the developers thinking? I’d genuinely like to know.

  • lautje72
    lautje72 Posts: 150 Level 2
  • Heidstar
    Heidstar Posts: 58 Level 2

    I saw this too, had purchased 24 hr tickets, by the time it opened again, no tickets left. Very sneaky and deceitful. I can’t believe how players are so disregarded by the developers.

    I was hoping it was closed so they could improve on this ridiculous pre determined winner thing but it’s even more ridiculous than ever! Losing player only has one option of moving every turn, winning player gets unbelievable special candies dropping everywhere. No fun being the winner or loser as the games preference is so obvious.

    it’s a real insult to players, why can’t we just “play” the game?

  • jk41664
    jk41664 Posts: 5 Level 2
    edited January 2022

    The game is agonizing frustrating with the cheating algorithms which prevent you from winning fairly. They deliberately stop winning streaks in the most ridiculous of ways. You can be winning quite easily and then all.of a sudden your opponent gets a turn with a series of drops and combos which either have them win the game or put it out of reach for you. The game has become disheartening an infuriating!! All I wanted was a fair game where strategy or different moves can make a difference. I believe a class action lawsuit is what they need served with. There ARE gaming laws in this country and a rigged outcome is not condoned by any court I'm aware of. Since they will take this post down, how do we start a page on FB where we can unite? Email.me at**

    (EDITED by CM - Personal information) 

  • Heidstar
    Heidstar Posts: 58 Level 2
    edited January 2022

    @jk41664 Yes, your comment and likely yourself will be removed from the forum. What more would you expect? The forum is apparently only for praising the game. Think long and hard about the game designers ………. take for example, the thousands of players asking for the laughing emoji to be removed.

    I have only ever seen this used in the game to laugh at another’s misfortune.

    psychologically speaking, laughing or finding humour or entertainment from another’s misfortune is a universal characteristic of a number of extreme personality disorders.


    People with such personality disorders play on psychologically and emotionally abusing others. It’s normal to feel cheated in an unfair situation, it’s normal to feel frustrated. The creators are doing everything possible to evoke these negative feelings in you, to make you react, to make you call out and make a scene, to then shut you down for your reaction ( which is completely normal in the manipulated circumstances) . You will be made out to be overreacting or crazy.

    you are not alone in your thinking, but like many others in the past, yes, you will likely be shut down and removed,

  • jk41664
    jk41664 Posts: 5 Level 2

    I appreciate your response and support. I am however one of those people willing to fight the "unwinnable " fights. There are others who would join this fight if someone took the lead. I can attack this on many levels. I just want to know who would join.

  • Nadia1770
    Nadia1770 Posts: 843 Level 5

    @jk41664, I play this game nearly two years. Many times I spent my 5 lives given at the beginning having as a result 5 lost matches. Many times I was very frustrated because of loosing in strange ways: my opponent got colorbomb on last move or colorbomb + striped candy and so on.

    However, yesterday I had a 14 win streak and this happened to me many other times.

    I won the game being first in my leaderboard many times in the last 6 months, as I remember. Unfortunately I delete my screenshots after sometime.

    So I think that your opinion is somehow one-sided.

    Try playing the game in a different way, try use some strategies to win!

    (I dont pay real money to buy gold bars, but I use gold bars won in the game. Not to keep streak, this is not a good strategy, only to buy 5 tickets. I never use unlimited for 24 hours. I have a lot of patience! Thats all)

  • jk41664
    jk41664 Posts: 5 Level 2

    I have won tournaments. Had extended streaks. Mostly, that was from my continued determination and persistence. I HAVE screen shots of leaderboards where a mysterious person suddenly showed up at the end with a lead I could not possibly overcome with under 5 minutes left. There are way too many examples I've documented over the past year in an effort to be able to clearly demonstrate a "cheating" and unfair way the game is played. It contradicts their public image and the advertising they employ. There are many others who've experienced the same things as I have. Heck, I actually won this previous tournament despite their attempts to undermine me. In order to do so, I spent the FIRST amount of money I've ever spent on ANY of their platforms. I have been playing these games for far longer than you. Although your experiences have also been fruitful at times, the more you play, the more you'll notice whats wrong. I have seen people make moves AFTER their time has expired, extra moves, awarded tools they didn't fully earn and just drop dead ridiculous ways in which an opponent suddenly wins. We shall just see what happens later this coming year. I am not done with this yet.

  • Heidstar
    Heidstar Posts: 58 Level 2

    Definitely not a one sided opinion lol.

    Have you read these forums?

    How many other games do you play where you have to constantly take screen shots or screen record to prove the well known deceitful practices of the game?

    The customer support staff actually request this of you!

    Read that again

    THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT STAFF REQUEST SCREEN SHOTS OF THINGS THEY ARE AWARE OF. Without this proof they gaslight you to try and make you believe YOU are the problem. “The issue is YOUR internet connection “ - sound familiar? No, you are the problem, even though your internet connection is fine, everything else you need a connection for works fine, but still, YOU are the problem.

    The list is endless. But you will find EVERY time you put through a support ticket, YOU are at fault unless you have screen shots.

  • jk41664
    jk41664 Posts: 5 Level 2

    Just more evidence for a case. Not going to give away the angle/approach/ basis for what's coming but, I will say I have the complete court system across this country to choose where I fire the first salvo.

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