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Any new updates on arena being closed??



  • NatalieG
    NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑

    Hi Natalie, 

    Thanks for coming back to us.

    I understand that the Royal Championship is still not available in your game. I will shed some light on the situation gladly!

    Our developers invest a great deal of passion and energy in the core game you’ve come to expect. We will always deliver this main aspect and do our best to provide frequent and regular updates as we know our players return for this.

    To add even more enjoyment and variety, our creative team also includes new features to the mix. These will come, go and cycle around, so we can make sure our players get a fun and interesting mix. We recommend taking part in these whenever you get the opportunity because they’ll eventually disappear to be replaced with something new.

    This means that it’s entirely possible for you to not see the same extra game elements as your friend, or they’ll not see something you have. Rest assured though, the main ‘core’ game will always be the same for all of our players. Over time those extras will cycle around, and you’ll maybe see the one you prefer, and your friend will have something else. Keep checking in and having fun, the perfect combination may just be around the corner!

    In the meantime, you can rely on us to bring you the best in fun and challenging games. We wish you the best in your adventure! 

    Since you are such a dedicated player, I have also added 20 Gold Bars to your account! Have fun!

    The next time you open the game on your mobile device they will be ready and waiting for you to enjoy. If you don't see them please force close the game, wait a few seconds and then reopen it. If that doesn't work then please sign out of your Facebook/Kingdom account, close the game, reopen it and then sign back in again - sometimes it just needs a little nudge to make sure things arrive properly.

    If you have any further questions then please just let me know!

    Have a great day, Natalie!

    As a small extra, during the next days, you will receive a quick survey, related to how I have assisted you. It would mean the world to me if you could take part of your time to rate, between 1 and 5, with 5 being the maximum score, my personal assistance towards you and your issue! If you have any comments, not related to how I assisted you, they can be left soon after the star review!

    Kind regards,


    King Player Support

    This is the response I received and I am DEFINITELY NOT HAPPY with the answers given.

    Royal Championship players, if this is the way this will go from now on, I don't think I will be a part of this community.

  • NatalieG
    NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑

    Here's my response to the Support:


    Thank you for getting back to me. Although I am glad to hear from Support, your response is definitely brings sadness to me. Royal Championship is my FAVORITE game to play of all time. I am sad when Monday comes around because Royal Championship is closed to every one. I eagerly await Tuesdays because I know it will return and I awaken early on Tuesdays eager to play Royal Championship. I chose to spend 49 gold bars to play for 24 hours when I use up my five tickets. In the Royal Championship Community some have asked the question " Why spend 49 gold bars only to win 15?" My answer is ALWAYS the same "I LOVE to play Royal Championship!" I always add to this as well, "I am not guaranteed to win those 15 gold bars and the other prizes associated with it", that doesn't matter to me, I just LOVE to play the game! I also spend money to buy gold bars to keep playing Royal Championship for the 24 hours each and every time. I frequently buy 250 gold bars and any other in regular Jelly as well. In response to what you said about some games may be for some and not others, I often wonder why Royal Championship is not a game of it's own? From my participation in the Royal Championship Community, there is more than ample players to play the game as the rest of the King Games, ie. Candy Crush, Jelly and Soda. Out of ALL these games, Royal Championship is my favorite and preferred game. I hardly play any of the others except Jelly if I am in the top three and have truly considered uninstalling all of except Jelly. If the Royal Championship is completely closed for me, I will not be playing any of them and opt to spend my money elsewhere. 

    I thank you for your reply, but I am very disappointed in your response. 



  • cruzin
    cruzin Posts: 26 Level 2

    Here it is Wednesday @ 1:50 in the afternoon and still no Arena 2nd day it shows closed. I login with my Facebook account.on my Android phone. I've checked updates none. Please FIX!!!

  • simplytasha
    simplytasha Posts: 5 Level 2

    So apparently the arena work for me is if I didn’t connect my Facebook. That’s how I will play until they fix this issue. Good luck everyone

  • simplytasha
    simplytasha Posts: 5 Level 2

    So apparently arena works now cause I didn’t connect my Facebook account and start the game from level 1 smh. Lost my boosters it’s okay cause it’s saved on my Facebook account tho. It’s definitely it’s connectivity problem. Good luck everyone.

  • MaryBerry
    MaryBerry Posts: 3 Newbie

    Good day,

    This is day 2 that I have not been able to play the Royal Championship. I realize that I am not the only one. I have read other's questions and concerns and some of the responses from the King team. I would like to know why the game has come back to others and not to everyone. That makes no sense to me. I play this game faithfully and this whole ordeal is upsetting to say the least, especially when there has been no reasoning as to why. I would really like an explanation please and thank you.



  • Destiny_13
    Destiny_13 Posts: 11 Level 2

    It’s now Wednesday 3:15EST and RC is still closed. Really think they need to look up the definition of “temporary”. I do not understand how a company that takes in the $ the way they do, how they can’t keep this game online on a regular basis, or fix the multitude of issues it has all the time. Exceedingly frustrating.

  • feesongbird
    feesongbird Posts: 0 Newbie
    edited January 2022

    The verses competition has been down for 3 days

  • penny_011
    penny_011 Posts: 36 Level 2

    The problem definitely appears to be connected to Facebook rather than the device being used. When I’m logged in another way it seems to work just fine. I’d be curious to know if anyone that it’s actually working for is logged in through Facebook.

  • Jerzeydiva856
    Jerzeydiva856 Posts: 17 Level 2

    Taking away RC was not a smart idea on there part. So many people have invested money and time into it.

    And to do it the way they did was not very professional on there part.

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