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The Middle Play Area (The Gray Zone)

NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑
edited April 2022 in The Royal Championship

I hope this is not a duplicate discussion, I did try to find a discussion about this but I wasn't able to pull anything up ( It maybe the way I tried to find it/the words I used, etc.)

Every Arena has a common area, the middle play area. My strategy for this is to color as much of my own area before playing in the middle. Sometimes this works, other times it doesn't. But once the middle area is played in and you build from that, how often does your opponent use a lollipop, use a fish and striped candy of your own, or some other way to capitalize on your work?

Most of the day today practically every opponent I have had did this! And in doing so have cost me the game and/or my streak. I know it's the common/middle area and it's fair game, but it's so frustrating when it happens and moreso when it happens a lot. Then all of a sudden the "cascading candies from heaven" opens up for them. Several times today my opponent may have one out of seven for a lollipop and zero out of eight for a blocker. In one move from what you have built in the middle area, all of a sudden they have a blocker, then a lollipop, uses the lollipop and another blocker is there plus another lollipop.

Can I get a break too? 😁😁😁

Please don't take this as a gripe, it's not meant for that. I am just wondering if/how many times you have come across this? Usually I am in the lead on my leaderboard so it doesn't hurt a lot. 😍😍😍

Hope to hear from my Community!

May the "candy gods" be with you!



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