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Serial Blockers With Your "Blocking Party"

NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑

Notice To All You Serial Blockers With Your "Blocking Party":

You have changed my way of playing! I used to not "block" until you block me. That has all changed! If I get a "cage" before you, I will block you! If you get yours before me and block me, I will return the favor and keep blocking you over and over again if I can. If my hammer is filled, I will strategically keep filling up my blocker in order to keep blocking you. It seems like everyone is blocking just because they have a cage. Whatever happened to saving a cage as a strategic move? Are you so afraid that you don’t have the skill to play the game strategically? No one wants to be a part of your "blocking party" but you leave players who use skill and strategy no choice but to treat you like you treat them and others. So it is on with me! I have tried hard not to become one of you, but you make it so difficult not to.

So game on!


  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,582 Level 5
    edited November 2022

    @NatalieG, there was some time, when we played only on Arenas 2, 3, 4 and 5, when people did not block too much!

    The reasons:

    • All boosters/ blockers needed more red/ blue candies, especially the more powerful ones! Most of the times it was possible to use them only once per match! So most of the players were keeping their powerful hammers or blockers for strategic use!
    • All boosters were free, so the majority were choosing the combination pink lollipop + a powerful hammer. It was very rare to meet an opponent who had a blocker (or two!!).
    • Arenas 2,3,4,5 have 5 candy colors and they are not so "cascade friendly" as the newer ones!

    After the introduction of Arenas 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (less) and 15, the situation changed! At the same time, on September 2020, the Studio asked for players' feedback and they asked for the boosters to fillup faster!

    After this, the game started being more "challenging"!

  • NatalieG
    NatalieG Posts: 628 Pro Player 👑
    edited November 2022


    I don’t mind the challenge, that's a thinking person game. It's a challenge to overcome the "blocking party!" You also play strategically, you kind of plan your moves. What's happening is a player will just keep blocking even though they have no reason to block. They block irrelevant candy just because they have a blocker. Then, if they get a cascade, they will block twice in one turn. I have had someone block me three times in a move! I have adopted your plan, when they have a "blocking party" they only get five points from playing me. You see what they fail to realize, I play the 24hr play and I don’t have to wait an hour for a ticket.

    It's ok with me that they candies fill up faster, yours fill up just like mine depending on the two choices you chose before the game. I generally play the basic hammer and cage, unless I am trying to win a particular chest. A lot of times that doesn't work, you lose your streak and start over. Once again, I take it in stride, knowing that I don't have to wait an hour for a ticket. But people who don't play the 24hr play, it's not fair to them to be a part of this excessive blocking. They want to enjoy a game, not watch you keep blocking them, that's just a "one person show." I get it's a competition between two players, why are they making it a "one person show?" I get you want to win, you want to get the maximum points allowed, you might be trying to get a chest, but let the other person play too. Maybe if someone shows them that blocking just because and it happens often, they may think twice about blocking on every move or just because you have a blocker.

    The jury is still out. Maybe this will get players talking and they may come to this discussion to see how people fell about the "blocking party" that has taken over the game. I know I am tired of the "one person show."

  • wiwiki
    wiwiki Posts: 285 Level 2

    So I won 1 game today otherwise not one so again absolutely no chance. While the opponent's blockers fill up with almost every turn and I was blocked up to three times in a turn ... it's an absurdity to be allowed to play like this. Because the opponent sees and knows exactly that you have a chance, it's fair in my opinion, that's zero ... and you don't have fun with it either ... then you can play alone. I don't understand that. I couldn't even manage the first 3 games. But I also don't understand what I could observe so quickly as the blockers are bombed and blocking is just not normal ....

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