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  • Are they ever going to bring the Royal Championship back? Life kinda sucks without it! I've tried other PVP games and they are not very good. I don't even play any of the Candy Crush games anymore. Every few weeks I go into Jelly to see if RC has somehow made its way back, but it's never there and makes me so sad!!
  • The withdrawals are real!! So so sad! Are there any other PVP games that are even a little similar? CCJ is just meh, as are all of the other CC games.
  • Today is a sad day! I've so enjoyed playing the Royal Championship and will really miss it. Does anyone know of any other PVP games that may be similar to RC? I don't play the regular Candy Crush games very much. RC is really the only reason I even have CCJ on my phone.
  • I only discovered RC in summer of 2020 during lockdown. Or maybe that's when I was invited, not sure. I'm really going to miss it. My dad passed away in March 2020, and RC was something that I could look forward to and enjoy and take my mind off missing my dad. Have you heard anything about when it will be shutting down…
  • Is it done now or will we have a bit longer to play RC? Another moderator said it will be a couple of months before it closes for good, but I'd like to know for sure.
  • A moderator on another post about RC closing said it's going to be a couple of months before it's done for good. I hope they're right. I have a bunch of gold to use. I don't play regular Jelly much so I'll probably never use it if RC doesn't go on for a little while longer.
  • I got the message on my oldest account, but not on my newer one that I play on. I did not get any sort of gift of free lives, etc. So is the game gone now? Or will we still have time to play? Maybe another couple of weeks? I have over 700 gold bars that I will never use in the regular game since I hardly play regular CC…
  • My new account shows the RC open & I play for awhile but when I go back into the game later it shows the arena is closed, but I just go into a level in the regular game & back out and the RC is open again. Those whose arena is closed after it was open should try that.
  • My suggestion is to sign up with a different email account. I did that, and when I passed level 5 in the regular game with the new account, the arena opened up for me. I had to start over with gold & boosters, but I've been able to play RC the past few days. I really hope it opens back up to my old account because that's…
  • I didn't delete my old account. I just started a new account with another email address and was also able to access RC after I passed level 5. That way if my old account ever has access to RC again, I will still have all of my boosters that I saved. Removing the app will result in losing your saved boosters.
  • The red balloon is how it used to be. I'm thinking that's just the original info for RC
  • I still don't have access to RC either
  • I can't get the arena to open either
  • Have you tried restarting your phone? That usually works for me when I don't see the RC. Also, since the update, the RC is located in the bottom right-hand corner instead of the left near the middle.
  • I don't have access to the RC. This started yesterday. I guess there was an update? I've done all of the things I was told to do and sometimes at the bottom of the screen there's a map and arena (which I assume is RC) which says it's closed. When I go back into the game, the map and arena are not there anymore. If I log…

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