LotusC Level 2


  • Leanna! This was me you just played. From my side of the screen RC just told me opponent has left the game. I thought it was because I had set up a colour bomb next to a striped candy for my next turn - now I see it's because you had lost internet connection.
  • Random whacky idea I got yesterday for a brand new feature: Studio, how about a "booster" which if chosen at the beginning of the game (just like all the others) prevents your opponent from coming over to your side of the board to mess with it? It can be in the form of a palm as in "nope, not this time around" ☺️
  • I don't think you lose your streak if you tie. You just stay where you were. I tied with someone yesterday and maintained my streak as well as got 3 points.
  • I think it was a bot as well. However, it had a picture of a real-life older man. So are they now assigning real pictures to bots? That's what has me stumped. Not sure that's something they would do without opening themselves up to a lot of trouble with regards to privacy laws and the like. Unless it's a computer-generated…
  • Something interesting just happened. I played a guy called George, won, started another game almost immediately and it's George again. Same name, same avatar. No biggie, it's happened before. But what is strange is it says George has a 5 winning streak at the beginning of the second game, right after I beat him. So now…
  • Something else I've noticed: Your board is sometimes rearranged sneakily when the game pans over to your opponent's side, even when they make moves that have no chance of touching your side of the board. Today I had a wrapped candy formation that I was looking forward to creating a wrapped candy with. If formed it would…
  • It's live and we have a new board!
  • I didn't catch his winning streak. In fact I didn't even notice it was ed until he started missing really obvious moves. Then I was like, "wait a minute, is this a bot?". That's when I remembered what both you and @babijane had written about this one.
  • I just played ed. Does he miss the most obvious moves or what? It was an easy win - he never used any of his boosters and took ages to make a move. Was he not programmed properly, or did he malfunction? 😁
  • What's this we're seeing? Never seen this board before. Are you currently playing it?
  • At this point I have accepted that this is not a bug, it's a feature. So an idea hit me this morning after winning in a game where candies waterfalled down my opponent's board: Studio, if we win a game that was rigged in the opponent's favour, either by happenstance or programming, can we get an extra point or three? It…
  • I got to Golden Peacock without getting unlimited. Most weeks I am top of my board, and I have only ever gotten unlimited twice since I started playing last year. It is definitely possible @NikolaosProdromidis :)
  • Thank you! It does look exactly the same. I was bummed I wouldn't get into the double Golden Peacock arena this time around but now....not so much :)
  • I'm on Golden Peacock but keep losing at game 6/7. What comes after this level? A level with 9 games?
  • Same thing happened to me as soon as I hit the golden peacock stage: losing streak galore.
  • I'll say this: It's quite obvious when one plays bots. Apart from the cartoon avatar, they also have a mechanical way of playing. They never use emojis, I have never seen any of them use boosters and they sometimes miss really obvious advantageous moves that even the newest of newbies would know to make. I for one have…
  • Studio & @LadyRaffie: Can I just say how nice it is that we now don't lose our winning streak when we tie with our opponents? I remember this was feedback a few weeks ago and it's already been implemented. Many thanks.
  • Its 5pm CET. Where, oh where, is RC?
  • Agreed. Also if you have four lives left and you happen to win two more lives that extra life currently disappears into the ether because of the 5-lives limit. If I worked hard to earn it I want that 6th life dammit. Is there a way you can make it so we bank the tickets we win if our lives are already full? These could be…

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