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  • Maybe they are ‘un fixing’ the games???? Look at the screenshot (that has been taken off on another post) my opposition had too many points for what blocks he’d got!
  • I don’t know but I’ve just logged out and back in and lost everything!!! Plus I’ve got a screenshot that the games are fixed ! The opposition had about 5 more points than what were on the board. I’ll post this screenshot to prove they were fixed. Maybe they have closed it to be able to ‘un fix’ the games!
  • Now I know why everyone’s royal championship was down. King have FIXED the games !!!! Unbelievable! I’ve been at the top of the rung twice. Chose a striped lollipop and a hammer Lollipop on BOTH games. Went second on both. The first move of the other players had an abundance of blues and reds! I had very little. Every…
  • No… still closed for me , I’m just deleting the app ! This is stupid
  • Same here! I’m winning more gold bars playing the standard game than I ever did with the Royal Championship! This is NOT a technical issue either! Why have I been stopped from playing it ? @Lola_Pop ?
  • Doesn’t look like it. It’s not a technical issue or it would have been sorted by now. A similar thing happened on Candy Crush , it lasted that long I stopped playing it (and saved money) so I’m not that bothered!
  • Not a technical issue or it would have been sorted by now! If it’s still not on next week I’m deleting the app! No more money paid out if this is the case.
  • Happens to me too! But can’t get in it now because the arena is closed , forcing people to delete the app and reinstall, causing all their boosters to be lost. Nice move King… not like you’re earning enough already?

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