smackim1son Level 2


  • Here ya go. Since you think people can't cheat. Show me the 24 hour unlimited. And at the very end of the tourney she or he was at 634 or something. Doubt it. You can't convince me other wise. I've seen cheaters that I've put a block on move the piece inside the block. Then they knew I saw it with the huh emoji and leave.…
  • Fix your game from cheaters and your cheats 😡😡
  • So you allow cheaters to all of a sudden come out of no where and take the lead!!! Me and third place was battling it out for first for hours. Even 4 place was right behind us! Then out of no where this Attila takes first place and was never on the board!!! I've explained this to you several times but you choose to censor…
  • Oh yea well riddle me this😡😡😡😡 me and 3rd place were battling it out for hours back and fourth for 1st place then out of no where this fuck cunt cheater attlia, comes out of no where and takes 1st. Edited by CM:🤨 Remember to be sweet and kind - Check our House Rules
  • This chick just popped made two moves and popped 3 hammers then moved again and popped another hammer when there was only two moves left. This game is a joke. Bye candy crush.😡😡😡 no wonder why over 250 of my friends deleted this game.

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