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How to get your game progress back on an Android device - Facebook Connected!

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edited September 10 in Support
Have you lost your levels or have a wrong profile in your game?

Sometimes especially if you are sharing your device or logging into several Facebook or King accounts, games can get tangled up and confused.

Worry not, as you can always disconnect the game app from Facebook or King account and reconnect to the correct profile:

- Disconnect the game from Facebook or King account.
- Now, delete the Facebook App from your phone (if you have it installed).
- Next, we need to go to Settings, then App Management, now chose the app and Clear Cache.
- Finally, open the game select "Connect", this should open a Google Chrome window for you to sign in to Facebook or you can connect to your King account by selecting the orange icon.
- Once you're back in you can reinstall the Facebook app if you like.

If you have further issues with connecting the game to Facebook, check out how you can get reconnect here

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