Is your game crashing on a Windows Mobile device?

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Here are a few steps which should improve your gaming experience: 

a. Go to Settings > system > advertising id.  Now make sure the Advertising ID switch is set to "Off."

b. Please close all apps and restart the device by pressing and holding the Power button until you see the "Slide down to power off" option. Then flick down. After it's off press the Power button to turn the phone back on.  

c. Please check for any updates for your device and apps: On Start, tap Marketplace or Store. If updates are available, tap Updates, and then tap Update all

d. Clear the cache frequently by entering the Settings menu in Internet Explorer and choosing the delete history option. 

e. As a last resort, try re-installing the game, it usually fixes most issues (please note that any progress on the mobile device that has not been synchronized with Facebook at this stage will be lost. However, all the progress that is currently saved on Facebook can easily be retrieved, once you have reconnected the device successfully). Also any boosters or extra lives stored in the game may also be lost during this process.

To delete the game on Start tap Games, In Collection tap and hold the game and then tap Remove.  Then go back to the Marketplace or Store and reinstall the game. 

For extra support from Microsoft please try the Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 How-to websites.

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