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Member of the Month - Hall of Fame

CommunityTeamCommunityTeam Posts: 1,906 System
edited October 6 in Member of the Month

Every day we’re amazed by Community members doing something extraordinary or go above and beyond to help others. It can be a member helping a fellow gamer, a funny thread comment that made everyone smile, the coolest profile name, the sweetest comment or the longest, wittiest or most remarkable answer in a thread.

At the end of each month the Community Managers and the Superstars gather to find the most outstanding member of the month and award them with recognition as well as giving out 200 Gold bars to their favourite game.

So what are you waiting for? 

YOU could be the next member of the Month and get the limited edition Badge + 200 Gold bars!

So far, big congratulations to:















@lulu13 🌈



















Who's going to be next?!

you bro new york jets GIF by Nickelodeon at Super Bowl

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