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Meet the Kingsters - Meet Mable_Leef, Insight Analyst at King!

QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,171 Community Manager
edited August 27 in Discover the Community
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Hello Community Crew!

The Community is a great place to get to know each other, but what about knowing the people behind the magic of the Kingdom?

We thought it would be a great idea to share some of the personalities from behind the scenes and meet fantastic Kingsters!  

These are the minds that create all this delicious universe: From Game Artists, Level Designers, Content Specialists, Game Producers and Customer Support Agents - all of them are included, so come and meet the team.

This week, we sat down with @Mable_Leef, Insight Analyst at King and here is what we got to know! 

"Hey all, this is me, I use numbers and player feedback to help our game studios with their new features."


  • Tell us 3 funny things about yourself
. I wear very snug socks because I can’t stand socks that slide down
.I have a black belt in karate
. In high school I was voted “Most likely to be an aerobics instructor”

  • If you were a King game, which one would you be? I would be Diamond Diaries because I won’t ever stop traveling the world!
  • If you were a candy? Jelly Bellies because they keep you on your toes with their mixes of regular and weird flavours.
  • If you were a game character? I would be Sprinkleshell because I also love eating candy
  • If you were a video game? Umm… Some kind of puzzle game
  •  What's your favourite food? I’m easy to please, my favourite food is hot dogs with an untoasted white bun, boiled sausage, and ketchup and mustard.
  • Is there something that you would like to tell our players?

"Thanks for playing our games! Keep your feedback coming – we really need it to help us shape our games."

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Well, thanks for the great time, Mable_Leef! 

Is there something that YOU would like to tell @Mable_Leef
Don't be shy, comment below if you do👇🤗


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  • LimLim Posts: 3,646 Legend
    Hello! Welcome back to Sweet King Community! @Mable_Leef ! 👋 👑
    I love your very sweet answers! 😍
    Have a King weekend! 👑

    💎🌟 Hello! I am Diamond Diaries Expert Player. I just like Charlie the helpful bird to help you pass any level and Lucy to complete Bernadetta's mission! 🌟💎

    💎✨I am shining like a diamond!✨💎

    How many levels?: 980 levels currently 

    Use your finger to link the charms! Sassy!

  • Crimson_DawnCrimson_Dawn Posts: 1,867 Superstar
    Looks like I'm a little late for the party!
    @Mable_Leef, I get the feeling that being an insight analyst for King and an aerobic instructor are possibly not-so-similar! :)

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