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G'Morning all KC from Glendale, AZ. I am a 38 yo semi-retired small business owner whom for health reasons has had to take some steps from business. Going from 100% hands-on to my current hands-off hiatus has been very trying. However, I have found some solace to help me through from CC, CCS, PP, and now AB along with my cockapoo Romeo. I have learned that gratitude goes ALOT longer if instead of expecting Karma's compensation for one's good deeds tomorrow CHOOSING instead to be truly grateful for the abundance you do have, then LIFE becomes ALOT better. You also realize just how wealthy you are in what truly matters friends, family, and how we can help our fellow humans whom maybe truly worse off than we ourselves with things that free. Smiles, Respect, and Empathy are all free. Yet, we often hold back because are self important arrogance along with a caste society tell us that these things must be earned or hard fought for. We are all in this together if in nothing more than WE are ALL living/breathing, period. So here's SMILE for anyone who wants/needs one!


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