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ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 530 Level 3

In December 2020, I was ill with COVID.

It wasn't easy.

Not only physically, but also psychologically.

The disease is very subtle. She brings with her a lot of "interesting" - surprise and fear, panic and depression, self-confidence and mistakes.

I can tell you more about this if anyone is interested.

But now I'm not talking about that.

I created this topic because the main thing in the medical history is the support of people.

Of course, my family and friends supported me. They helped me a lot. And I am grateful to them as much as a person can be grateful.

But I was not left with the thought that some atypical things were happening to my body. My body was going through an incredible storm, a crazy shock (heart, nerves, vision). I have not heard about this from friends who have had coronavirus. My brain scrambled for an answer. Am I getting through the disease normally? Or am I really, really bad?

Once, in a moment of despair, I wrote on the forum. Not here in the community. This was a different forum.

I did not expect such a reaction.

There were many pleasant wishes.

But the main thing is that absolutely strangers wrote to me. They told me about themselves, how they survived this disease. They told me that they had passed my "storm" too.

And I felt warm from their attention, from their stories about themselves. They gave me confidence and peace of mind. And it was these strangers to me that pulled me out of my growing depression.

I THANK each of them. THANK YOU. You are my personal wizards. And you are all my friends now. Thank you.

And I created this topic because if this disease overtook you, do not think that you are the only one!

And in general that you are NOT ONE. And there are people who are ready to support you and share their experiences to help you.

Don't hide in your shell! It is easier for a person to overcome difficulties together with other people.

Write if it is difficult, bad, painful for you. I'm sure there are many people here who will fight for your positive attitude. Here in the community there are good, sincere people.

(Community, I know that all the topics here are about the game and about the positive in life. And my topic falls out of the general positive. But what I wrote about is our life, our reality. Suddenly someone here needs what I am received on another forum?)


  • YoscaYosca Posts: 3,462 Soda Moderator

    Dear @ElenaVorona

    I hope you are feeling better. I think there are different symptoms of COVID. My daughter in law also had it, and has fortunately recovered well. But I also hear from others who still have a lot of physical problems after months. Take your time!

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  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 530 Level 3

    @Yosca Thank you for your support. Now I already feel good.

    It was scary.

    But now everything is fine.

    I live again.

  • May_EdwardsMay_Edwards Posts: 99 Level 3

    Hope you are feeling better, and Pray that this virus just goes away.

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 41,126 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    We hope you are getting well soon. @ElenaVorona ❤️😊

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  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 530 Level 3

    Thanks friends. I went through this period of my life. I really hope that there will be no bad consequences.

    Guys, I want to say that our community does not yet know its real potential.

    People come here looking for help. Of course, it's mostly about the game (how to complete a level, how to get into a good team, and so on).

    There are many kind and helpful people here who help.

    But we can help each other more.

    We live in different cities, in different countries, on different continents. When you feel very bad, and the whole world is with you, these are strong positive emotions. They give strength.

    When you are sick, and someone sends you a banal gif, you smile and this is a powerful positive emotion. It can give you more strength than the sympathy of all your relatives.

    By the way!

    If you have joy (a wedding, the birth of a child, a birthday, success in work or study, or something else), and the whole world is with you again, this is also wonderful))).

    We are ashamed to share our problems and joys. We are afraid that nobody cares about it. In vain.

  • Marriam1Marriam1 Posts: 1,980 Level 5

    Hey @ElenaVorona i'm sorry i seem to have missed out on your post when you were unwell. Contracting any virus/disease for that matter requires a very strong mental power to overcome what our body is going through. Well i had goosebumps reading your post. But you're a fighter; you found your way out of it by sharing your story with us in the community (which i missed unfortunately), and i'm glad you found the strength from all the people here 🤗 You were right sometimes a small gesture of care in any form is all we need to see that ray of shining light.

    I wish you good health and happiness in this New year. 💕

  • ElenaVoronaElenaVorona Posts: 530 Level 3

    @Marriam1 Thank you friend.

    You got it right.

    Don't hide in your burrow. We must go to people. It is important.

    We have a saying. "A kind word is also pleasant for a cat."

    And we are people.

    We are social beings. We need to communicate.

    Supporting people gives us a positive attitude and helps to restore moral strength. And having gained psychological confidence, we more easily overcome ailments and diseases.

  • Marriam1Marriam1 Posts: 1,980 Level 5

    Every word you said was spot on @ElenaVorona 😊 💪

  • channie8channie8 Posts: 1,246 Jelly Moderator

    G'day @ElenaVorona

    nice to see COVID hasn't got you beat and that you've brought up a community topic. That's awesome, well done!!

    My thoughts are with you and best wishes for good health.

    I know the effect it can have on people who suffer from it and the worry they're family goes through. My Step-Grandmother's Uncle passed away from it but since the international borders were closed, she was unable to fly to Canada for the funeral.

    Keep on keeping on and bestest wishes to chickie

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