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Today, July 7th, is World Chocolate Day!

ElsaElsa Posts: 34,024 Community Hub Moderator
edited July 7 in Players' Corner

@wykoon and I knew that we had to get Yeti involved since he is our chocolate connoisseur. But is he a connoisseur or just a lover of chocolate? Either way, we asked him to help us celebrate today!

We had to come up with an idea. But what? 


Finally we came up with something a bit different for all our community members! No, it’s not a contest. Just a fun thing to help Yeti celebrate his favorite day.

We created a jigsaw puzzle with Yeti in Chocolate Mountain. Now it’s your turn to help us. Scattered in some messages here in the Player’s Corner you will find 9 puzzle pieces located in 9 different messages. Each puzzle piece has a letter on it. When you find all 9 pieces you can either put the puzzle together and post it here, or you can list them by row.

For example:

Top row: A, B, C

Middle row: D, E, F

Bottom row: G, H, I

Of course, those are just examples and they are not the right answers!

To get you in the mood, please watch this video.

If you aren't up for a puzzle search are you up for sharing chocolate recipes or chocolate memes instead! It's your choice as long as you help Yeti celebrate his favorite day of the year!



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