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🥇 Badges - Competitions 🏆

SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 19,621 Ambassador
edited August 4 in Players' Corner

💗 Hello dear Players 💗

I want to make a big post.There are 3 things in one post.

In the German corner I open a lot of posts to ask the players about different things. The answer is always the same as you'd like badges.

Everyone loves the badges and everyone wants them. 😉

I am always fascinated and enthusiastic about the beauty of the badges. Even I need the badges for my competitions and badge events.

Only these are not stored here so that you can pick them out. No, there are volunteer players who produce them.

🤗 This is a great honor for me to thank the helpers. 🤗

For the German area I had 5 players who created a nice badge for me.

These are: @DaniTheOG @bearwithme @Nat09 @Lola_Pop @Crazy Cat Lad

You don't just get the badge in the German corner, but in the entire community There are other players who make such beautiful badges. Of course I would also like to thank them.

@Sukanta_Biswas @LadyRaffie ...... and many more. I don't know all of them, but they should feel addressed.

A thank you also goes to: @MightyWolf

These helpers make the community a better place and make for great competitions and events.😊

As I said. 3 things in one post:

Here I would like to take the opportunity to advertise the international corner. At the end of the week there will be 3 new and great competitions with badges. Please come to us in our language areas. Not only 1 badge can be won! A little tip from me. We worked on it for a long time to offer you a great competition.
Please be curious !!! It's definitely worth it. @Nat09 French Ambassador --- @hechicerilla Spanish Ambassador 💞💞💞

Since there are now such great badges everywhere and I don't want to take them for granted, it is therefore very important to me that they should also receive recognition in the form of a reward. Without these volunteers, we wouldn't have such great events. Please keep this in mind when voting! 😉

Many Thanks🥰

🥇 Badges - Competitions 🏆 72 votes

Yes, they should be rewarded 🙌
ElsaCarlitaAlfonsoColleen-12Diamond LimGlenn1972YoscabearwithmeSpinnifixjeanpsaautz1BQN537encantesJoost_Theunissiti_payungMarzia333CagneslaleyLoveDachsOrigins7_Daleistuff 71 votes
no, I don't see it 😏
Pcj 1 vote


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