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It's my first anniversary on the king community come celebrate it with me 🎉🎉🥳

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Hello everyone

Am happy to announce that today September 4 2021 is my anniversary the day l joined the king community

Here's a story how l found the community

So back in January 2020 I was playing CCFS and there's was a announcement that a new character was coming and it was jelly queen l got excited to play the event until the day came and the announcement left with no event and I searched on Google on why the event was gone and my first result was a king community support thread saying why the jelly queen was gone am not quite sure if was @QueenMia saying that if you pass two or 1 level the event would appear so l try that and the event was there and we'll after that l joined the community and that's my story of how I found the community

So now let's just celebrate and have a little fun



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