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Art Challenge - 🖌🎨

wykoonwykoon Posts: 11,204 Community Hub Moderator

Good day everyone,

Do you want to impress someone on this special month or simply try out a new challenge?

Here's a chance for you to showcase your artistic skill again! This time, we want you to draw a portrait of your favourite person, they could be your friends, family members, celebrity, partner, secret admirer or anyone random.

You may refer to the video tutorial below to help you kick start your drawing journey or search for other videos that fits your preference 😃.

How to participate❓ Read the rules below in the "Spoiler" box ⬇

1) Get ready your art tools i.e. 2B pencils/crayons/charcoal or other type of painting tool and paper (any size that you wish).

2) You may use paint app to draw your portrait. Simply modifying or enhancing the original portrait image is not considered drawing.

3) You may submit more than 1 entry. 

4) You may colour, frame or accessorize your portrait but the face must remain clear and visible.

5) You must include your name (handwritten or typewritten) in your artwork to protect your original entry and identification purpose. Artwork without name may not be considered for the gold bars rewards.

6) All on topic entries will stand a chance to win the gold bars.

7) All off-topic/invalid entries including copying images from the web will be REJECTED.

8) If you wish to post any comment, keep it short, simple, friendly and sweet. Read the House Rules before posting.

What are the prize(s)❓

1️⃣Five (5) participants with the most realistic portrait will win 20 gold bars each, for your choice of King’s game (except COTR).

2️⃣All valid entries will be featured in the King Fans Art Gallery.

This challenge will end on Friday, 8 July 2022 at 16:00 CET. Late entries will be disqualified. Terms and conditions apply.

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