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Badge of the Month - July 2022 (ENDED)



  • crabapple
    crabapple Posts: 740 Level 3

    😱"My OMG moment"😱

    This happens very frequently. I will atempt to make a Star blast, counting to make sure I have enough, start making that blast (😃 getting thrilled about the task) get to what I think is the last link, when I let go : 😱 Oh No 😩, I missed the very last of the link. It has cost me the game several times. LOL 🤣🤣🤣, It hasn't stopped me yet. 😉😉😉

    🌞 Keep on smiling like the sun! 🌞


  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 158,165 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    OMG! I see so many players have answered the most bizarre "OMG" moment when they are playing King's games! Thank you for your answering on July Question! Everyone! 😄

  • Lisal6715
    Lisal6715 Posts: 4,070 Level 4
    edited July 2022

    @crabapple I haven’t played diamond diaries much because I couldn’t figure it out with all of the different symbols I couldn’t remember what each thing was for.

  • caw674
    caw674 Posts: 16 Pro Player 👑

    My biggest OMG moment was while playing Candy crush Saga and being stuck on a hard level for over a week. Finally get a really lucky board and I was definitely going to beat it and the game crashed. I almost cried. Lol

  • rare
    rare Posts: 579 Level 4

    I was playing the game and I was listening some songs too I didn’t noticed what move I made ‘cause I was enjoying the music and then I saw that the level was completed although there were many moves to left to play 😶😂

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