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Community Newsletter- July Edition

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Dear King Community,

Please leave your game aside for a minute, get up from that beach chair (or, if you're in the southern hemisphere, from that cozy couch) and listen up: it's time for a new Monthly Community Newsletter, y'all!

📰 On the front page...

The summer is magic! The northern hemisphere is in sun & fun mode and that includes the Community! Have you participated in our Community-wide Summer sun-Summer fun contest yet?

👑 News from the different Kingdoms 

🍬 Candy Crush Saga

☀️ Where do you play Candy Crush Saga this summer? Take part in the poll to win juicy rewards!

🍮 Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Jelly is joining the summer fun! Head over HERE to play with us and download an exclusive wallpaper!

🚜 Farm Heroes Saga

Don't miss out on the Level 5000 Celebration HERE and collect an exclusive badge and a chance to win some 50 Gold Bars!

💎 Diamond Diaries Saga

Celebrate Diamond Diaries 4-year Anniversary with us! Join the party HERE!

...and keep your eyes peeled for some king-tastic Level Designer Interviews we'll be posting all throughout the month! Each week, a new game Community!

💫 In the spotlight this month...

Now that the messages have been deactivated, have you noticed these threads in the Support Areas of all games and in the Players' Corner? Feel free to use them if you need us to contact you in private!

🎬 Did you know...

...that @LeFlarcane's artwork being showcased on the Pyramid Solitaire Saga game this month? Open the game to see a pop-up with our friend's card design! You can also admire all the cards made by our players to celebrate level 5,000 HERE!

🗞 In the Community Hub

 🎖️ Badge of the Month: To get this awesome badge, you'll have to tell us about your most bizarre moment when playing our games!

And last but definitely not least...

😎 Member of the Month

Please join us HERE in congratulating the new Member of the Month, @LeFlarcane

That's all! Have fun exploring the Community and enjoy your summer!

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