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Which Candy Crush candy are you? 🤔🍬🍭

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Hey everyone! 👋

Before we get started with today’s fun, I would like to quickly reveal the answer to my last thread where you had to guess which of the 3 cups the colorbomb was in after they were shuffled!

So, the answer was………… 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

Congratulations to all of you that chose C! You have successfully beat our Sticky Challenge! 🥳🎉✨

Now onto our next fun game! 😊

So out of all of the time you have played Candy Crush, have you ever wondered which Candy from the game you actually are? Well today’s your lucky day, as we will be finding out which candy YOU are from a selection of some candies from the game! 🍭

How does this work?

  • Take a look at the image (below), and read each of the descriptors on each of the candies
  • Each candy has a unique descriptor
  • Once you have read all of the candy descriptors, choose the candy that fits you the most!
  • Your candy-options this time are: the Red Jelly Bean, Orange Jelly Fish, Green Wrapped, Blue Stripped, or the Purple Flower candy!

Which candy are you? Vote on the poll below, and leave a comment why you think that candy fits you the most! 🍬

Tiffi and I can’t wait to see your responses! 🤩

See you next week! 👀🕵️🔍🖼️

Which Candy Crush candy are you? 🤔🍬🍭 34 votes

I’m a Red Jelly Bean!
adidas11zs1982 1 vote
I’m an Orange Jelly Fish!
SpinnifixEOTheGr8Courtney1990spottedhorseLady_SarinaTerri_1L_Diamondz 7 votes
I’m a Green Wrapped Candy!
Marcemarce22Diamond_LimLindz1026greddycandyRacoon7Elviramartinez_61EweNaNateeweipingDanfarijaneyw60 10 votes
I’m a Blue Striped Candy!
Peter_Tornarosaautz1samm_kmlbmkersey08keshavrfShilviya18LadyGaivman 7 votes
I’m a Purple Flower Candy!
LaurenmlhMiladyRteasirgisalyLeFlarcaneNico_GShagunproToune_PGJenjen413 9 votes


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