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Some of my concerns about "lucky" contests

NamTruong2001 Posts: 4,254 Level 5

Hello everyone.

Recently all of you may have joined many contests in this community, right? However, the thing I have realised is: most "lucky" contests seems never not to announce the "random" results when they choose the players. And I realise, at least 10 "lucky" contests, there is at least 1 players who always be chosen in 5 contests. I have no idea if it is random or there is an arrangement here, when 1 person always appears in 5 of 10 contests, while there are many players joining the contests but none of them won.

So I want the moderators who holds the contests must announce the "random" results they have performed in any online or offline software to make fair to all players, like the image below ⬇️.

Thank all of you for reading this post.


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