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Happy 2nd Anniversary LeFlarcane! 😍🎉🎉

LeFlarcane Posts: 19,900 Level 5

Hello fellow King Community members!

I'm LeFlarcane and I came back with the King Community, what a wonderful and sassy day! I have been doing some activities such as playing games and also doing fun in school on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and I was sort of kindness and prosperity.

Back on 2023, I was like to be a BW3 user (since my game was impressively favorite), and I like viewing of your contests which made me skilled well as an outcome of the astounding scores. And I saw these scores we're just the same that we're insurmountable to come with.

Outside of King Community, I saw the best updates like the favorite game was called "Geometry Dash 2.2", because I was skilled the same way of playing King Games which I used to act like a professional gamer.

So we forward to the Q&A about me

Q: Why are you here in the King Community?

A: Since my old skills in BW3 came out here, and joined the King Community to get the level 1000 badge in the BW3 forum.

Q: Where did you find the word "Ultimatum"?

A: It came from the game "Pixel Gun 3D", the term "Ultimatum" was used to define as a final proposition, or it's like a final stretch of a proposal.

Q: Did LeFlarcane saw his Drake's hat called "Anita Max Wynn"?

A: Whoa, lol! 😅 He said his phrase like, "This is my alter ego. I need a max win... Anita Max Wynn." Somehow this hat was insane for me in a playful way of humor.

Feel free to ask any questions to me if you want so.

Anyways thank you for being gloriously happiness for the 2 years of becoming a King Community member.



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