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Help - Something is wrong in the episode race

Sherri_Bouknight Posts: 36 Level 2

I am at level 5041 and currently in episode race. The level is not working correctly. It’s like it’s missing a step of the game and there’s no way you can finish the level. I have started over on that level and I never have to do that. I had just purchased a $99.99 package and have used up a lot of it trying to get through this level. I’m not doing anything else until someone has a chance to look at it and/or my progress. No use throwing away money. Would someone please take a look? I think something might be wrong with the whole race. The first leg of race finished and then you played a few more games before it took you to the beginning of the second leg of the race. Sorry to take up so much space but the race is about the only thing I have to look forward to since Bubblegum Hill is gone and I’m not very happy about losing all those tokens plus having to start over 3 times which will take away my unlimited lives. Please help me get back on track. Thanks.

Sherri Bouknight


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