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❤️💕💖 Win Gold Bars with the 2021 Valentine Community Wide Contests (finished)



  • Autofire
    Autofire Posts: 109 Level 2


    CCS — — — white chocolate

    CCSS - - - - creamyyy Caramel

    CCJS - - - - - raspberry marmalade

    CCFS - - - - - - French nougat

    For gold bars: find me at levels:CCS 162 place 2 ccss 133 place 10 ccjs level 1 place 19 ccfs whatever place on 24

  • yonahselcy
    yonahselcy Posts: 1,301 Level 3

    CCS - White chocolate

    CCSS - Creamy caramel

    CCJS - Raspberry marmalade

    CCFS - French nougat

    FHS - Hazelnut crunch

    PRS - Orange truffle

    BW3S - Marzipan

  • MountainMom
    MountainMom Posts: 11,962 Friends Moderator

    My favorite candy is Dark Chocolate Pecan Clusters.

    And the favorite candies of our friends in the Kingdom are:

    Tiffi = White Chocolate

    Choo Choo = Hazelnut Crunch

    Yeti = French Nougat

    Kimmy = Creamy Caramel

    Jelly Queen = Raspberry Marmalade

    Stella = Marzipan

    Panda Bear = Orange Truffle

  • MonroeH
    MonroeH Posts: 152 Level 3

    My favorite Valentine's Day candy is anything chocolate! And here are my answers:

    Candy Crush Saga - White Chocolate

    Candy Crush Soda Saga - Creamy Caramel

    Candy Crush Jelly Saga - Raspberry Marmalade

    Candy Crush Friends Saga - French Nougat

    Farm Heroes Saga -  Hazelnut Crunch

    Pet Rescue Saga - Orange Truffle

    Bubble Witch Saga - Marzipan

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 16,165 Candy Moderator
    edited February 2021

    Hello everyone and I hope everyone has been having fun with these contests.

    Almost everyone has posted all 7 candies (and it is OK if you didn't use the spoiler for this last contest) - HOWEVER:

    at least half of you did NOT post what your sweet treat is! It doesn't have to be one of the seven you listed - just post whatever you like the best - I love Godiva Chocolate filled with raspberry cream (and I also love Crunchie Bars). 😁

    Please post in a comment what your sweet treat is so you can keep the badge. You do not have to repost the names of the 7 candies. I have a list of the people who didn't post their personal sweet treat. As long as you post it here before the contest ends - the special Valentine's Badge will remain yours! 😊💖

    Also - please post your answers in English. @Troickaya63 - I cannot understand what you posted, in addition - I need you to list what your favorite candy is.

    A few additional notes, the badge will be removed immediately from people who did not actually enter the contest but just posted comments, also from anyone who didn't post all correct 7 candy names.

    If you don't understand how the contest works or how to enter, please tag me (@bearwithme ) and I will be glad to respond and help you out. 😊

  • ManiakalReign
    ManiakalReign Posts: 9 Level 2

    My favorite Valentines candy would be the candy hearts, because they are only available around this time of year. Sadly, Necco, the company that makes them has shut down.

    The answers to the riddles are below:

    White Chocolate

    Creamy Caramel

    Raspberry Marmalade

    French Nougat

    Hazelnut Crunch

    Orange Truffle


  • MandyP123
    MandyP123 Posts: 64 Level 2

    My favorite treat is bubble gum!

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 39,295 Friends Moderator

    ok @bearwithme there were probably some misunderstandings.

    So my favorite Valentine's Day sweets are nougat truffle pralines.

    My husband knows this and always gives me these on special occasions.

  • encantes
    encantes Posts: 5,952 Farm Moderator
  • FlaringCrystal120
    FlaringCrystal120 Posts: 3,056 Level 5
    edited February 2021

    @bearwithme my favorite candy are gummy bears. For Valentines Day, I love Valentines cupcakes and any candy related to it, except anything having to do with chocolate.

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