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💓 Hello dear players 💓

This morning

I had this thought about the boosters. As a free player, we can collect boosters. You get boosters every day. What if you run out of boosters? Either you buy new ones with your money or get boosters from the gold bars of the events and competitions. My aim is if you win gold bars through the competitions and events and you want to buy boosters.

What do you think: is that too expensive or is it okay.

Please share it !!!

Many Thanks🤗

@Diamond Lim the lists please, thank you😉

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yes it is too expensive 🙄
Freddy_SpinnifixNamTruong2001Nat09olyamtPrettyBubblesLa LeyMicheleHoggistuffMountainMomNenikapakisanto_chris97lhalhaDieOmimiRinno2013hechicerillabobbieraeJoJo75durhammaryjane117Priyacandy 46 votes
The way it is, it's fine 🤗
Peanut7139Diamond_LimsmokingcatcarmenechevarriacandyujwalJoey_YouTubeSiNCOrP5cmjdbear13 8 votes


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