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We have disabled commenting on Activity and Profiles and here is why

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Hello dear King Community!

👉 We wanted to let you know that we have disabled the Wall activity on your profiles. The reason behind it is that it is becoming really hard for us to moderate and we can't always make sure that what's posted there is aligned with our House Rules. Since we want to make sure that every single one of you feels safe on our Forums, and since we want it to remain a place of fun and entertainment, we've decided to disable that option for now.

Instead, we encourage you to create discussions directly on the Forums in case you want to share your best achievements or congratulate others 🤗

Recognitions such as new ranks or badges will still be highlighted though and you will still be able to comment on those (but as always, following our House Rules).

Thanks for your understanding and we wish you all a Fun-Tastic Monday 😄

See you around the Community and don't forget to have fun 🍒



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