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Summer Fun Community Contest! - FINISHED!



  • EOTheGr8
    EOTheGr8 Posts: 3,681 Level 5

    Here are the seven special items in all seven gamesmanship I found:

    Pet Rescue Saga - The cat’s eye color went green to yellow

    Bubble Witch 3 Saga - The skull on Wilbur’s hat has 2 added eyes

    Farm Heroes Saga - Amelia has added teeth

    Candy Crush Friends Saga - Tiffi’s spot on her bow went from red to white

    Candy Crush Jelly Saga - Yeti’s nostrils and reflection in his camera got removed

    Candy Crush Soda Saga - Kimmy’s bow color went from white to red

    Candy Crush Saga - The flowers on Tiffi’s hat got removed

  • bearwithme
    bearwithme Posts: 15,704 Candy Moderator

    Hello @gemazing 😊

    I’m glad you entered this contest and hope you are having fun. However it looks like your answers are just for one of the seven contests. You need to go to all seven games and when you enter those contests you will find each of the 7 special differences that you need to report here in the hub. 😊🐨💕

  • Iffu2
    Iffu2 Posts: 978 Level 4

    Hi @bearwithme

    (Saga) Tiffi's hat

    (Soda) Kimi's bow

    (Jelly) Yetis nostrils

    (Friends) tiffi's Bow

    (BW3)skull eyes on Wilbur's hat

    (PRS) Cats eys color

    (FHS) Amelia's mouth

  • olyamt
    olyamt Posts: 231 Level 3

    Candy crush Saga Tiffi's hat

    Soda Saga Kimi's bow

    PRS Cats eys color

    FHS Amelia's face

    Jelly Saga Yeti's nostrils

    Friends Saga tiffi's Bow

    BW3 skull eyes on Wilbur's hat

  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 36,181 Friends Moderator

    @bearwithme my Answer:

    Candy Crush Saga: Tiffi's hat has no flowers left

    Candy Crush Soda Saga: Kimmy's fly is red, previously white

    Candy Crush Jelly Saga: Yeti no longer has nostrils

    Candy Crush Friends Saga: Tiffi's hair bow has a white dot in the middle

    Farm Heroes Saga: Amelia's mouth has teeth

    Bubble Witch Saga 3: The Skull on Wilbur's Hat Got Eyes

    Pet Rescue Saga: The cat's eyes have a different color

  • Spinnifix
    Spinnifix Posts: 24,412 Sweet Legend

    Candy Crush: Tiffiy's hat decoration, Candy Soda: red bottle was missing, Candy Jelly: Parasol tip missing , Candy Friends: sun , Farm Heroes: yellow fish - swapped blue and orange, Bubblewitch3: Wilbur green eyes on his hat, Pet Rescue: blue fish in the water

  • rajdeeptb
    rajdeeptb Posts: 4,323 Level 5

    Hi .

    Candy Crush Saga -  flowers are missing on Tiffi's Hat.

    Candy Crush Soda Saga - Kimmy Bow Colour has changed

    Candy Crush Jelly Saga - Yeti nostrils have missing.

    Candy Crush Friends Saga - Tiffi Bow Spot Colour has changed

    Farm Heroes Saga - Amelia mouth has missing teeth and tongue.

    Pet Rescue Saga - Cat's Eyes Color Is Different

    Bubble Witch 3 Saga - Skull Eyes.

  • borntodrive
    borntodrive Posts: 245 Pro Player 👑

    CCS-flowers on tiff

    Ccss-Kimmy now changed color

    Ccjs-yettis nostrals

    Ccfs-tiffis now changed color

    Prs-cats eyes changed

    Bw3s-more eyes on skull

  • borntodrive
    borntodrive Posts: 245 Pro Player 👑

    Thanks for the tag @Diamond Lim

    CCS-flowers on tiffi

    Ccss-kimmys bow color changed

    Ccjs-yetis nostral

    Ccfs-tiffis now changed color

    Prs-cats eyes changed

    Bw3s-more eyes on skull

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