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  • a_trosta_trost Posts: 740 Level 3

    We had an older lady 🧓 in our neighborhood who I think half the town called, ”Grandma". She had a couple potluck🍗🥗🍉BBQs🌭🍔 every summer☀️in her big front yard. She passed away and summers☀️will never be the same. At least we have these wonderful memories 💕.

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  • Owly123Owly123 Posts: 144 Level 2

    Going to the coast 🌊 with the family plenty of exercising 🚴 🏃‍♀️ 🐶 walking

    Hope everyone has a lovely summer🦉

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,907 Sweet Legend

    Hi guys, today is the end of our July Badge of the month. You should be seeing the August Badge of the month real soon!

  • Anahita_2005Anahita_2005 Posts: 15,452 Level 5
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    I thought I've already commented in this discussion...think not!🙃However, this summer was simple for me, due to the pandemic we could not plan any trip. But there are many friends and cousins of mine whose birthdays are in July so that all kept me busy in making surprises for them! 😁

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,907 Sweet Legend

    How bad is the pandemic by you? I live on the east coast USA and this Delta is really bad. They are now saying that it is spreading like the common cold. Even those who had vaccinations are getting it, perhaps not as severe.

  • fabkefabke Posts: 3,969 Level 5

    @Elsa @Anahita_2005

    Here in Europe also, I hear from France, the Netherlands, my place Belgium, Spain that the people who had their 2 vaccinations getting colds and sneezing and if things continue like this there would be a third injection of a vaccine in September.

    In my country and nearby I understand because it's colder and more rainy dan normal in July and the start of August, in Belgium a lot of cities losed their houses and cars of the terrible rain, 36 people died, the water took them. It happened in the French part. And corona survives good in bad weather.

    Where I live we don't have a lot of problems yet with to much rainstorms. We still can go out for eating, drinking, shopping. Pubs are still open till 1 am.

  • TayYTayY Posts: 13 Level 2
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  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,907 Sweet Legend

    Hi @fabke, I read online this past weekend about a "societal collapse", so being the curious person that I am I had to Google it. Climate change is playing havoc all over the world. The pandemic that won't let up! We had 8 tornadoes last week between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I think it was on Wednesday evening. Six hit New Jersey where I live and 2 in Pennsylvania. My son kept me on the phone because they were saying that it was going to touch down in my area. Fortunately, it didn't. We did get the heavy rain and a bit of the wind. The thunder was loud and lots of lightning. So from what I'm seeing out there is natural disasters happening more often and I think it's coming from the climate change.

  • fabkefabke Posts: 3,969 Level 5

    @Elsa I hope you where not scared. I hope you are okay 👌💓

    Yes it's from the climate change and also because our houses or build with concrete and the rain can't go in the ground, they build to much houses, so it became a river in the streets, cars and people were dragged along at the water, houses got ruined by the water. It was in 100 years not so worse as now, and every year it will get worse.

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,907 Sweet Legend

    @fabke I was a bit frightened because I had to stay away from all windows but I was curious to see what was going on outside so every so often I'd walk to the front of my house while I was still on the phone with my son. I saw the wind pushing the rain down and then it suddenly started pushing in the opposite direction. That was strange to see so I thought for sure that was a sign of the tornado but it never did touch down in my area. It was bad in Pennslvania when a car dealer's building collapsed and there were people inside. It was like 6:00 PM. The next day I saw pictures of trees cracked and lying on the ground and it was in my town. Fortunately for me that it didn't touch down by me but so many in one evening??

  • Anahita_2005Anahita_2005 Posts: 15,452 Level 5

    Hi @Elsa & @fabke! I think the pandemic has left a very bad impact on everyone. Yes the ones who get the vaccination can also be a carrier of the virus. Best is to prevent from going out as much possible.

    Here in India cases are less now but it is estimated that in mid September or October cases can go very high. So we need to take precautions accordingly.

    I hope the situation gets normal for you both 😊

  • ElsaElsa Posts: 34,907 Sweet Legend

    @Anahita_2005 the sad part is that here the news does not even mention that those who got vaccinated are also getting this too. They just want to stress that it's just the unvaccinated that are affected. That's wrong, but they are pushing so hard to get everyone to commit to it. They even have an incentive of $100 to those who get the vaccine.

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