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👨‍🔧👩‍🔧📧 Our support team needs a sweet name!

Crazy Cat Lad
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Our Support Team who you come in contact with via email or the chat, are looking for the perfect team name. 

A name that reflects best what they do and are here for. To make it easy to understand who you are in contact with when you need help with an issue or question. 

We have two options for the team name, King Player Relations or King Player Support.

But! If you can come up with another great name for the support team, please comment here below what your suggestion would be!

Vote now which name you prefer and let us know any feedback or thoughts about the name by commenting below. 

👨‍🔧👩‍🔧📧 Our support team needs a sweet name! 256 votes

King Player Relations
paydelmalNana_CharleneSukanta_Biswastamike000LexiSusan_Hall-3samm_kmlcarmenechevarriaSuebdo249Shilviya18candyujwalfabkelove2readrdoersomMia_wufffpeque123skyeletpoeshipJanettalisaVasanthanDilakshan 60 votes
King Player Support
QueenBCrazy Cat Lad_Elsa_PummyRajAndres-2Peanut7139Colleen12Diamond_Limkiara_waelGlenn1972estellaNat09aautz1BQN537hemdan1sheilayonkie35Marzia333PrettyBubblesMountainMomteresawallace44 139 votes
Other (please comment your suggestion)
johamiltonBarry_Dean_ClarkDyan_Kai_TFreddy_Corita_WebberJoanne_Coleman74Cassencantesdheimmescatysuzgirl2000cherylwLoveDachsNenikapakiwykoonBbosaAli0754029685littlemissmim08JoJo75durhammaryjane117bchagain65queenbee9214 57 votes


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