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Are you up for a challenge?! 😉🏆❓

EOTheGr8 Posts: 3,655 Level 5
edited February 10 in Discussions

Hey everyone! 👋

Bubblegum Troll and I have a sticky little challenge for you! 😉

We got 3 cups, hid a colorbomb in 1 of the cups, and we shuffled them! Watch us shuffle them below: ⤵️

Which cup do you think the colorbomb is in now (after the shuffle)? A, B, or C?

Post your answer below in a Spoiler Box to keep the fun going! I will reveal the answer in my next thread (in a few weeks), so make your guesses now! 😁

**Some of you may have seen this already, so if you know the actual answer, please do not ruin the fun for everyone else. Thanks!

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Where are you going on vacation to this year? 🍬🌎🗺️

Help Tiffi find all of the Colorbombs! 🔎🌳🍬✨



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