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What's up in the Community right now?


🔥 Let's help to create/vote amazing ideas on CCS, CCSS, CCJS, CCFS, FHS and COTR! ✔️💡 - by @Diamond Lim

🔥 ✏ Pictionary in King's Style 🤴 - by @wykoon on Cool Posts made by Players!

🔥 August is Music's month! Join King's Music Fest!

🔥 Vote for King's game sound you like the most HERE!

🔥 Check the Ultimate Summer Playlist!

🔥 Did you know you can get an animated card featuring our king-tastic characters? Head over HERE and @Queen_Elsa will help you!

🔥 New avatars in the Community! Check them out HERE!

Always hot & spicy

🔥 Share your feelings and stories about your current mood here !!

🔥 Visit the Art Nook and share your art!

🔥 What's your player personality? Take our test and find out here !!

Cool Posts made by Players!

🔥 Subscribe to the tagging lists! - by @Diamond Lim

🔥 Let's break the ice!- by @wykoon

🔥 Knowing me, knowing you - get to know more about 2 of our beloved Game Mods: @Elsa and @Lady_Choo - by @wykoon

🔥 Which is your favorite King Game? -by @CandyCrushIsCool

🔥 The Acts of Kindness Diaries - by @frenioz00

🔥 What was your first post in the Community? - by @MightyWolf

🔥 King Community Playlist - by @mysticalmysty

🔥 Guidelines on how to translate your text into English - by @AbhinavSargar

🔥 Accessibility in Games and Disability - by @Elsa

🔥 A full Guide to King Games (videos) - by @Elsa

And don't miss out:

🔥 Always wonder how is life at King? Come meet the Kingsters behind the Kingdom's magic right here !!

🔥 Become our next Member of the Month and win 200 Gold bars! 

🔥 Check out the cool Level Badges and show them off !  B)

🔥 Do you know ALL of our games? You can see (and play!) them HERE !

🔥 Level up in the Community and earn amazing rewards! How? Read it HERE!

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