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I want your feedback! 🙏

EOTheGr8 Posts: 3,681 Level 5
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Hi guys! 👋

So as you may have seen, I have been posting a series of fun-threads here in the Hub, and as we enter Spring, I want to make an even funner and engaging experience for you all to enjoy.

And I say “all” because I want to welcome more of our members than just our Candy Crushers. Which is why I’m politely asking for some feedback! 😀

Here are a few questions that I ask:

What King games would you like to see more of in some of my future fun-threads? (Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Farm Heroes, etc.)

What type of activities do you enjoy the most, and would you like to see more of it in the future? (Spot the differences, word puzzles, polls/questions, etc.)

How often would you like to see new fun-threads? (Weekly, twice a month, every two weeks, etc.)

Please answer one, if not a few (or all) of these questions as the more feedback, the better! There is also a poll below if you’d like to vote as well…… 🙏

Thank you all for graciously continuing to support me and participating! Happy Spring! ❤️💐

I want your feedback! 🙏 38 votes

We love Candy Crush and would prefer mostly Candy Crush fun-threads
Marcemarce22spottedhorsehudusJohhny 4 votes
I think we need more of a variety! Please include more of the games in your fun-threads!
Maja_NikolicPeanut7139LoveDachsPrincess_JessicateasirEleMoooAnettgreddycandyTerri_1Elviramartinez_61LeFlarcaneNico_GShagunpronabagrandmacdrake13Vladislav2025Tamara73CassandraTheWitch 17 votes
I don’t really care….. I still enjoy participating in these either way!
Diamond_LimSpinnifixLaurenmlhMiladyRCourtney1990namal_butt_01KingsDaughter14rebelchildariel2021LadyGaivmanxBlossomxBettinaRickEweNaNateeweipingXxanderToune_PGstellanero 17 votes


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