(FINISHED) Get up to 100 Gold bars for Halloween 🎃 VOTE for your Favourite Costume!

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🎃 👻 🎃

Who doesn't like to dress up?!
Certainly not our finalists of our Halloween contest 2019!

Below are the best costumes of the Community. You can help them win a 100 Gold bars.

Simply press "Spooky" on your favourite outfit and voila! 

1st place: 100 GB
 2nd place: 75 GB
3rd place: 50 GB
4th to 8th place: 25 GB

Ranks will be based on the amount of votes you have received. The one with the most "spookies", wins. Easy!
All the 10 best costumes will receive at least 25 Gold bars each.

You have until Monday 11th of November, 13pm CET to submit your votes!

Good luck everyone 🌟


You can read the Terms and Conditions here

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