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leesers19leesers19 Posts: 1 Newbie

Loved the free weeks we got during quarantine, but some of us are still on stay at home orders! Send us more!!


  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 38,371 Candy Moderator

    Hi @leesers19 . Welcome to our Community 🌺

    The Unlimited Lives campaign ended. At this moment there are no plans to run this again, but you never know what the Candy future brings. So stay tuned!

    Please stay safe

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  • umar_madakiumar_madaki Posts: 4 Newbie

    I need more free lives to tackle this boredom please

  • umar_madakiumar_madaki Posts: 4 Newbie

    I believe this is the most played game and one never gets tired of playing it

  • umar_madakiumar_madaki Posts: 4 Newbie

    Can you please reduce the time to regenerate new life? 30 minutes is too long to wait

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 41,327 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Don't worry! You can search which King's Game Group to add more friends on any King's Game on Facebook that you can send/receive more lives by friends. 😊

    You can also click here to read my answer to players (similar to your question) that I hope you can send/receive lives for more friends on any King's Game! 😉

    Have a nice and safety day! 😊

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