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20puddin22 Newbie


  • Hello everyone hopeall is well. Im new to the parts here is my tag @20puddin22 and im still not sure what actually is happen but you only live once so CARPE DIEM 😁 Could someone please add me ti the tagging list and whatever other kind of list their might be. Please and thank you in advance.
  • Help i need friends on candy crush saga there is my look up info @20puddin22. I play every day i will gift whomever adds me i shall gift to you everyday. Im looking forward to have some new friends. 😁 Thank you to whomever adds me.
  • Im new here and im enjoy playing candy crush saga. I have a rank of Newbie. Im so confused but i just do whatever task i have a hand and hopefully someday soon i understand what exactly is going on in candy crush saga land. 😂❤️

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