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Disguire Level 3


  • Oh yeah I saw that 😅 Shout out to the COTR Community Team ❤ Congratulations on the win 😂😂😂 Just kidding, we are here to play! I'm currently struggling with the no Tiki Head and being too lazy to revert my version so I'll be solely doing Survival Runs for trophies. Anyone on your team having the same issue? Much love, from…
  • Oh wait, I see you now - it says you have 0 trophies (which usually happens when you change teams)
  • I can't see you on the team list yet so Crash On The Run! Might just be running a bit slow and might show you as a team member to me soon at some point
  • @alezio Oh cool, I am too - try joining now 😅
  • @alezio should we try for 2200 hours GMT +2 Time (or 10 pm - about 10 hours from this post)? That will be 9am here in NZ and I should be ready then - does that sound good?
  • @alezio Nice! Guild ID: 939617588 The team is currently full but there are some people not doing anything so I'm happy to kick one to make room for you (although we are currently 1st by a long way so people are joining like crazy whenever we have a spot). So we might have to coordinate this - if you tell me a time and your…
  • Yeah that's fair @alezio Anyone who wants to join let me know and I'll make room for you - the group is currently full because someone from my last group and I boosted us into first so everyone joined the first place team
  • Honestly I'm not really competing either - I just complete my daily quests, finish the bandicoot pass and then talk with the community - but when you play that like minimum 1 hour a day you end up still getting a decent amount of crystals in the tourney. If there are times that you wanna stop playing I can just keep you in…

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